FEB 09 APR 08

With an extended artistic career, sculptor Ernesto Knorr’s production is present in a number of significant public and private collections. His open-space sculpture is particularly noteworthy. Knorr has a very personal sculptoral discourse, which may be defined by means of four main features: balance, tension, movement and contrast. Balance, which the artist attains through intuition, makes the pieces convey harmony. The accumulation of their forces leads to balanced stillness. Tension reaches its utmost degree as the volumes come as close together as possible, though without coming into contact with each other. The magic, the spark, arises from the near touch of two masses. Due to the implausible position of the volumes, as if they had frozen in full motion, their movement seems to contradict the force of gravity. The contrast between weight and lightness, void and matter, gives the sculptures a stronger emotional content and allows for a wide variety of viewpoints.