Encounters, relationships and discoveries

Our educational programme revolves around the fundamental idea that every encounter is a unique opportunity, a challenge, a relationship in the making, and a chance to raise questions, have fun, doubt, think, discover…

The programme aims, as its main goal, at sensitizing, motivating and daring different types of audience to think about the main issues concerning contemporary art, particularly sculpture and architecture, and the way they relate to the environment. It covers a wide range of activities, rigorously articulated with these diverse subjects and designed according to a provocative strategy.

In order to establish audience loyalty, a dynamic, creative approach creates a link between contemporary culture and the city of Santo Tirso, its history and identity.

The backbone of the entire programme may be found in the question “how can we get to know ourselves better through contemporary art and culture?” The focus has been shifted from the art pieces to the people themselves, thus stressing the idea that the power of an artistic relationship does not lie in the contemplation of a work of art or in the artist’s world vision, but rather in the way the piece interacts with us and affects who we are.

The aesthetic experience is therefore intended to be an opportunity for encounter and self-discovery.