Educational Programme

The programme designed by the MIECST Educational Services focuses both on the architectural significance of the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture and of the Abade Pedrosa Municipal Museum, and on their rich estates, in order to create close bonds with the local community. The programme offers challenging ways of cultural engagement, while sharing knowledge and affections, for a more inquisitive population.

Open, flexible activities encourage critical thinking and creativity, as well as stimulate empowering, dialogic and potentially transformative learning, by involving different types of audiences and allowing for individual or group visits, due to partnerships with schools, universities, associations and other institutions.


a) Museum guided tours

Staff-led tours featuring highlights of the permanent collections in both museums. These engaging tours provide deeper understanding of themes related to the exhibitions staged at the museums, exploring the intersections of different fields, thus enabling visitors to develop critical thinking and share their perceptions through educational fun activities and role-play.

b) Guided tours: sculpture park

A tour highlighting the most significant pieces in the open-air museum of contemporary sculpture, sitting throughout different spaces in the city of Santo Tirso.

* Booking in advance required for all programmes.