This project reveals a route wrapped in a translucent fog composed of mysterious layers protecting thoughts, and which turns into a dense mist where the white is so thick and almost compact, it seems a new canvas waiting to be intervened with an idea, a new concept.

Works whose reading seems to obey to a cadence, to a sensation of rhythm caused by objects, messages, and colors.

Procedures and creative methods are presented in a metaphorical way. Analogies between the atelier work, the passage of time or stories that could have been rewritten by a quick and diagonal reading, are presented in longitudinal installations that mark a path to be followed along an almost endless corridor.

An exhibition where the word is always present so that it can save pieces of stories to compose complete narratives, or simply underline ideas.

A path composed of endless memories taken from specific sections of life, about striking episodes, or not, which could be archived at a private library where reminiscent experiences and memories, wrapped and closed, are kept, some so that they are always present and do not disappear, others just to never be remembered again.





Guided tour through the sculpture park / Art-Archaeology-Architecture guided tour

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MAY 21  SEP 03