Sculptures by Manuel Rosa. Works from the Serralves Collection.

Manuel Rosa (Beja, 1953), graduated from Lisbon School of Fine Arts in 1978, belongs to a generation of artists responsible for the renovation of stone sculpture in Portugal, in the 80’s. Along the way, Rosa has preferably chosen limestone for his sculptures. Although he was first associated with figuration, the artist’s works were later immediately recognized by their absolute depuration, by the elliptic and conic shapes, and for the modern processes of execution, like the use of an electric saw, the sectioning of the various parts and their subsequent overlap and a rudimentary modeling, almost schematic, of the surfaces that takes away any naturalistic intention.

In the two sculptures here represented, both from 1987, we are able to recognize canoe models. Commonly found on Manuel Rosa’s sculptures are the attention to essential and the calling of easily recognizable archetypes such as the human figure, the house, the boat, seeking through them to attain the pure platonic form.

This initiative is part of a program of exhibitions and presentation of works from Serralves Collection, specifically selected for the exhibition locations with the purpose of making the collection accessible to diverse public from all the regions of the country.


Exhibition organized by Serralves Fundation – Contemporary Art Museum, Porto.


Exhibition organized by Fundação de Serralves ― Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto.

Opening: 16.11.2018 – 18h30




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