Duplo Vertical, 2018
Ernesto Knorr
Corten Steel

Ernesto Knorr has a very personal sculptural language, which contains four characteristics that can define it: balance, tension, movement and contrast. The rigorous volumetric and clear lines characterize his sculptures, dominating the scale of his pieces and being able to accurately adapt them to the space, whether they are large works to be installed outdoors, or smaller elements for indoor spaces. All sculptures radiate an intensely worked simplicity, which results from the meticulous calculation of proportions.

Author of a work inhabited by personal rhythms, permeating the poetics of emptiness, his expression is a permanent confrontation between matter and space. Heir to the Basque sculpture school, he is committed to a permanent dialogue with nature in search of an intense experience in which creativity and the ability to modify the landscape coexist.

The sculpture he produced for Santo Tirso, Duple Vertical, demonstrates, from a formal point of view, his constructivist and abstract character of geometric nature. Made of corten steel, it is made up of vertical elements, coupled with a set of prisms, playing with tension and balance that transmits safety and delicacy through the careful placement of the segments, which, as a whole, show a beautiful dynamic.