“Nature in motion” is Alberto Carneiro’s first solo exhibition (1937-2017) at the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture. The exhibition is based on the Alberto Carneiro’s artistic collection belonging to Catarina Rosendo, which is in deposit in the Municipality of Santo Tirso and presents a set of works that cover almost all of the more than five decades of work by this essential artist of the Portuguese art from the 20th-21st centuries. The selected works, among which some of the most iconic of his career, provide a panoramic view that highlights the importance of drawing and photography in the Alberto Carneiro’s artistic production, alongside sculpture and installation.

The variety of media used by the artist over the years has supported a thematic and visual universe based on the landscape and the relationship between the body and nature, a situation that this exhibition explores, namely through the vegetal and abstract motifs that define the sculpture and drawings from the early years, through the performances carried out in landscape and rural environments that gave rise to the photographic series of the 1970s, through the search for the vital flows of natural materials that characterize the sculptures of the 1990-2010s and through the imaginary prospecting of a body in an intimate dwelling of the land that is present in all his graphic production.

Author of a work that combined, like few others, the exploration of visual forms with a philosophical quest about landscape, nature and the ways in which humans relate to the world, Alberto Carneiro has long been connected to the Municipality of Santo Tirso. He was responsible for the creation of the International Contemporary Sculpture Symposiums that gave rise to the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, where the exhibition “Nature in Motion” takes place. The exhibition is curated by Catarina Rosendo and includes the publication of a monograph with essays by the artists Isabel Carvalho and Rui Chafes.