Salgo Algo is the title of the exhibition of the projects developed by the students of the Sculpture Atelier II from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto for the spaces of the Santo Thyrso Factory as part of the program of the Santo Tirso’s International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture.

“A salga” [Salting], as an ancestral conservation process, brings us the idea of extending time, prolonging the qualities, postponing finitude. On the other hand, the word “algo” [something] that appears to us also contained in the conjugation of the verb “salgar” [to salt] challenges us to the importance of the unknown in the creative processes. The combination of “not knowing”, as an inexhaustible reservoir of questions and uncertainties, with the notion of suspended time produced by the “salt” materializes the essence of this exhibition: the subjectivation of a space of industrial character and memory through intimate, delicate plastic processes, themselves in transformation.



MAY 21 MAY 29 (Opening- 15h00)