Frequently, stuck with daily routines, repetition is a central theme in life.

“R!™0” suggests a deconstruction or suspension of this repetition, inviting the observers to consider how their one lives are immersed in repetitive patterns.

Repetition, which is a striking characteristic of modern life, presents itself as a reflection on the routines that take over our lives, often keeping us oblivious to the critical questions of our time, as if it were a monotonous symphony that marks a time and lulls the present. Here, time is not just a linear metric, but a multifaceted concept, full of tensions, cycles, and unexpected changes.

“R!™0” distills that repetition and presents itself as an artistic manifesto. Repetition is subverted, stripped of its material character and transformed into an object of contemplation, inducing a critical analysis of the routines that define our existence.

“R!™0” also alludes to the urgency of the ecological crisis. “0” may reveal the need for radical change, a critical inflection point, a crossroads at which humankind finds itself, it echoes like a low tone, a note that should be heard and understood. “!™” may point to the necessary attention of intrigue and, at the same time, as if it were a warning signal, a call for imminent action, it works as a dissonant chord and points to a rupture of norms, defying the traditional linearity of time.

If we do not tackle the pressing ecological issues, the intriguing choice that transcends the mere daily routine that falls within the scope of the complexity of human thought, or the very structures that govern our existence, uncertainty can highlight how dark and unpredictable the future can be.

The exhibition delves deeply into the realm of rhythmical time, offering an artistic exploration rooted in the perception of time as an incessant and repetitive dance. Each piece in this exhibition reveals itself as a “sound note” in a visual score, which echoes the underlying rhythms of our lives.

“R!™0” therefore emphasizes the issue of time and present. I reverberantly stress that time is not just a linear metric, but also a multifaceted concept, full of tensions, cycles, and sudden transmutations.


  1. “R” (R): The letter “R” can represent “redefinition”. In this context, it introduces the idea that the current art is constantly redefining the limits of expression and creativity.
  2. “!” (exclamation point): The exclamation point adds principles of surprise and excitement to the expressions. Here, as an inverted “i”, it sets a dramatic pause in the incessant flow of time.
  3. “™” (trademark): The trademark symbol can be interpreted as a comment on the authenticity of the act. But it may suggest that the pieces have a uniqueness that deserves recognition and protection. It can explore questions of authenticity and originality in a world saturated with information and reproductions.
  4. “0” (zero): The number “0” can symbolize the void, the starting point or the continuous cycle, a digit that can be interpreted as an abrupt interruption, an alert to the imminence of a critical crossroads. If we attach it to the convention that art is a blank canvas ready to be filled with new ideas and interpretations, we distinguish its analogy by the option of value that is not separated, nor omitted, from the choice for the adequacy of the cycle of simplicity, recovery and return to the origins of productive experimentation.


Pedro Tudela was born in Viseu, in 1962 and lives in Porto. He graduated in Painting at the Porto School of Fine Arts, in 1987 and he is currently a visual artist and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.

He works with sound and multiple media to explore plasticity, in installations, performances, and scenography. Together with Miguel Carvalhais, he founded the multidisciplinary project @c.

He has been doing individual and collective exhibitions, in Portugal and abroad, since the beginning of the 1980s. He is represented in museums, public and private collections.



OCT 27  FEB 18