Água para Alberto, 2018
Fernando Casás
Black granite, corten steel, bamboo

Fernando Casás, author of this sculpture, is considered one of the precursors of the Art & Nature movements. His work reflects about memory, energy and passage of time. He is the author of several sculptures in public spaces, such as Spain, Israel, Brazil and Portugal.

With smaller dimensions than its surroundings, Água para Alberto is the integrating element that unifies the space and stands out for visual rest, for a constant dialogue with nature. This work is composed by five black granite structures of different dimensions, various elements of vegetation, such as trees and bamboo, and a wall made of corten steel on the background. It is described by the sculptor as follows: “A dance of granite and bamboo to the sound of silence and the vehicles around the town square, in search of protection as before, in the caves. The sense of continuity of the species. Extensions radiating inward like the daily food that Alberto offered without unnecessary gestures. Within matter, the energy that confabulates with the essential, the minimal, complicit in the totality. Form and function of what has no function. Before the form, the function of wanting to continue”.

Água para Alberto is a tribute to the sculptor Alberto Carneiro, one of the creators of the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Santo Tirso, in the early 90’s.